Traveling With The Art Revealed Show

Award-winning local artist and teacher Gayle Rappaport-Weiland hosts this mini interview with Tom Burgher, of Seaside Gallery, and local musician Nathan Towne.

Tom Burgher is CEO of Seaside Gallery, in the folksy beach town of Pismo Beach, Ca. Founded in 1996, Seaside Gallery provides a venue for high quality, well crafted art created in a variety of medias. Tom researches emerging artists who show a potential for greatness and allows their works to be presented in their own space and light. Seaside Gallery offers museum quality works by established artists to their customers so they may add to their collections. Seaside Gallery is the go-to gallery of the Central Coast, and can be found at

Nathan Towne is a San Luis Obispo, Ca, based musician who cut his teeth on jazz and classical music, but found his love in rock ‘n roll. His life philosophy is simple, chase the dream, even if one can’t attain it. To stop the chase is to stop living. Nathan’s website is

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