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Vacaville Art Gallery Celebrates Its 50th Year  

Vacaville Art Gallery Celebrates Its 50th Year  with The Art Revealed Show and Award-winning local artist and teacher Gayle Rappaport-Weiland hosts this mini interview with Vacaville Art League Vice President Christy Dougherty.

Christy Dougherty, discusses the 50 year history of the Vacaville Art Gallery, the oldest art gallery in Vacaville, and the benefits the art gallery provides to the community.  Since its humble beginnings, thousands of artists and guests have walked through its doors. Vacaville has a place to show quality art to visiting dignitaries and to provide a place for the public to participate directly in the visual arts. The Gallery continually strives to provide opportunities for artists of all ages to participate in its events and encourage the public to come and view a wide variety of high quality work created by local artists.