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The Art Revealed Show Studies the Art of Community

Jill Alcorn, Associate Dean of Continuing Education at Sierra College, Rocklin Ca, invited host Gayle Rappaport-Weiland and the entire crew of The Art Revealed Show to learn about the Art of Community.  Community Education at Sierra College offers a kaleidoscope of exciting classes and activities designed to meet the personal enrichment and professional development interests of their diverse community.  The courses are short-term, not-for-credit, fee-based classes, workshops and training programs providing opportunities to expand students’ horizons, hone their talents or introduce them to a new skill so that learning is life-long.



The Art Revealed Show Examines the Blend of Art, Fashion, and Social Giving

Award-winning local artist and teacher Gayle Rappaport-Weiland hosts this mini interview with VIDA CEO Umaimah Mendhro.

VIDA combines art with fashion, all for the purposes of social giving.  VIDA takes art, submitted by artists and photographers, and prints them onto scarves and outerwear, to create unique, colorful, fashionable clothing.  They are produced in Pakistan, with trained workers, who also receive an education using proceeds from the sale of the clothing.  One of VIDA’s missions is to fight exploitation of garment workers in Pakistan through providing living wages and education.

Vacaville Art Gallery Celebrates Its 50th Year  

Vacaville Art Gallery Celebrates Its 50th Year  with The Art Revealed Show and Award-winning local artist and teacher Gayle Rappaport-Weiland hosts this mini interview with Vacaville Art League Vice President Christy Dougherty.

Christy Dougherty, discusses the 50 year history of the Vacaville Art Gallery, the oldest art gallery in Vacaville, and the benefits the art gallery provides to the community.  Since its humble beginnings, thousands of artists and guests have walked through its doors. Vacaville has a place to show quality art to visiting dignitaries and to provide a place for the public to participate directly in the visual arts. The Gallery continually strives to provide opportunities for artists of all ages to participate in its events and encourage the public to come and view a wide variety of high quality work created by local artists.

Art Revealed Show – Jon Stevenson of Trumpette

Award-winning local artist and teacher Gayle Rappaport-Weiland hosts this mini interview with Jon Stevenson, founding owner and designer at Trumpette, Inc. Found in Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and boutiques around the world, their high end baby socks and apparel are
“about contemporary designs that are innovative, unique and well-constructed.” Jon invites Gayle for a colorful conversation in Trumpette’s fun and fashionable downtown Sacramento storefront.

Jon Stevenson’s inspiration for Trumpette was found after adopting his son Nicky. Having worked over 10 years in the men’s fashion industry, it was clear to Jon that high fashion was not tailored toward little boys. He began designing onesies for Nicky. After moving to Sacramento, Jon focused on reinventing Trumpette by creating innovative baby socks. Trumpette combines high-quality materials with hip designs to create the ultimate baby socks.