L to R  Dominic Morris, Gayle Rappaport, Weiland  Donte Morris

Dominic Morris, Gayle Rappaport-Weiland and Donte Morris

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Gayle Rappaport-Weiland has dedicated her life not only to creating art, but also to bringing the beauty of others’ art to the forefront on her show Art Revealed. From art consultants and landscape artists to gallery owners, each guest has had their own influence and impact on the local art world.

Hanging her hat on a dream, Rappaport-Weiland started Art Revealed almost two years ago. With a shoestring budget and a small crew of volunteers, Art Revealed has been producing bi-monthly, high quality and professional programming—all aimed to highlight movers and shakers in the art industry. “We, as a team, want diversity in who we’re choosing to feature, because art is not only revealed by artists, but by those who support and promote it too,” Rappaport-Weiland says. The three-to-four minute mini-interviews (“miniviews”) have featured individuals from all corners of the art world, including high-end children’s clothing designer John Stevenson, Sacramento’s Developmental Disabilities Service Organization President and CEO Yvonne Soto, and Rocklin Community Theatre Board Member Robert Hayes.

Rappaport-Weiland says the show exposes viewers to new artists and educates them on ways art has been integrated into almost every aspect of our daily lives; what’s more, she makes a concerted effort to interview those who are not often in the limelight. Her 30-plus years spent as a full-time artist have provided her with a wealth of knowledge, as well as long-standing relationships with other artists. Because of these decades of experience, Rappaport-Weiland understands how to support those featured who might be a tad camera shy. “I work with each guest personally, so they are comfortable on air and have a positive experience,” she shares.
It’s Rappaport-Weiland’s goal for Art Revealed to span generations, from young to old, and make it accessible to all, which is why the show is hosted on YouTube. For all the young people watching and holding on to a dream themselves, Rappaport-Weiland has one bit of advice. “I really believe if you’re willing to do the work, and you follow your passion, your dreams can come true. But you can’t just have a dream, you have to do the work and take action. You can do anything you put your mind to.”

Since the inaugural episode aired on July 17, 2013, Art Revealed has relied solely on the support of fans and the community to keep it going. While the show is usually booked months in advance, Rappaport-Weiland and the crew are always willing to consider dedicated, driven artists for feature interviews. And for those who might not be artistically inclined, but still want to have a hand in bringing art to the world at large, there are partnering opportunities available for each show.